Office Dividers and Office Enclosures

Office Dividers and Office Enclosures

  • Item #: 91740

Are you looking to partition off an office? Divide a room or create some privacy between a set of desks with panels? Maybe you want a wall partition to block out an eyesore in the office?

We have used or remanufactured Cubicle Panels in various widths and heights that you can easily attach together to make a room divider, desk divider, or a panel wrap.

We also do 80" Height panel wraps with locking doors.

Sizes available: 24", 30", 36", and 48" wide panels with 53", 65", and 80" panel heights.

For a free quote follow these easy steps:
1) Measure and draw your desired layout or call and ask us to come to your location
2) Text a picture of your drawing to 909-295-4282 or email it to Manny@cubicleandoffice.com
3) Get a free estimate - delivery and install also available
4) Choose used panels with new fabric or fully remanufactured panels. and choose your finishes
5) Schedule pick up or delivery and installation

Note: Panels cannot stand up alone in a straight line. You must create an (L) at one end with a panel running at 90 degrees. Usually a minimum of (1) 30" panel.